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Volunteer Software Architect

About DigLit

Technology doesn't work for nonprofits. Technology requires access to capital that nonprofits do not have access to. In addition to this, many nonprofits have budgets that simply do not allow for technology upkeep.

DigLit is a unique solution to this problem. Our organization acts as the engineering branch of every nonprofit who seeks our help, regardless of their size. We build custom software solutions to strengthen nonprofits, but where other organizations release themselves of responsibility once the technology is built, we deploy and maintain the technology for its expected lifespan.

About the job

We’re looking for a software architect who is capable of overseeing full stack development. The ideal candidate is a knowledgeable engineer who can adapt quickly and understand the delicate soft skills of managing and encouraging dev team members.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Overseeing the the writing of well designed, testable, efficient code

  • Gathering specifications and requirements based on technical needs

  • Working in an agile environment

  • Enforcing good documentation habits

  • Peer reviewing code to ensure quality contributions

  • Manage release cycles.

This position is fully remote. Our expectation of the role is that it will require no more than 5 hours of work a week, but this will probably fluctuate a little based on the stage of the project.

Essential qualifications for this role:

  • Experience with API design

  • Worked in an environment with strong release practices

  • Knowledge in Object Oriented and Functional Design

  • A deep knowledge of web and server technology

  • Experience with at least one modern JS framework, and various JS toolsets (ES6+, Webpack, Babel, Jest, Protractor)

  • Some experience with accessible technology

  • Stays up to date with industry best practices


  • A history or strong desire to work with nonprofits

  • An academic understanding of software engineering

  • Excellent communication skills

How to Apply

Please send your resume to with the exact subject line, “Software Architect” (no quotes).